Physical Delivery Pricing and Options

Learn about the varying delivery methods and pricing options available when redeeming a physical item from the RealNifty marketplace.

With any NFT that has a physical item attached that has not yet been redeemed, the owner will be able to redeem that physical item and have it delivered in the real world.

For more details on actually redeeming an NFT, you can check out our guide HERE.

RealNifty offers two delivery options and each NFT will have one of the following options for delivery: Label Delivery or Self-Shipment.

RealNifty also offers a third option for those higher priced items: Fully Handled Delivery. You can contact RealNifty before redeeming to find out more details and costs of this third option via

You can see which shipping method was chosen for any NFT that has a physical item attached by heading over to the NFT’s page and opening up the ‘Physical’ section at the bottom of that page. As you can see, the NFT below comes with a physical item, and the shipping type is Self-Shipment.

Delivery Types

RealNifty offers different shipping methods so make sure to check which one is attached to your NFT before purchase:

Label Delivery

If the shipping type displays as Label Delivery, this means the creator of the physical item packages the item to pre-determined criteria themselves and attaches pre-paid labels for delivery provided by our delivery service. The item will be insured for delivery.

You will be contacted via email or the RealNifty messaging system with any details and tracking information during the process.

Please be aware, if the delivery method is Label Delivery, you must be prepared to stay in contact via email/the RealNifty messaging service during the delivery process.

The redeemer of the physical item pays any delivery fees when redeeming the physical item.


Self-shipment means the creator delivers any physical item once it’s redeemed.

It is the creator’s responsibility to make sure the item is packaged correctly, keep in contact with the redeemer via email/the RealNifty messaging service and follow through in a timely manner.

It is the creator’s responsibility to pay the delivery costs of physical items when using self-delivery.

The creator may or may not cover delivery insurance costs when sending the physical item. Make sure to confirm this with the creator if you want your delivery to be insured.

This option is only available to creators that we trust and have been vetted.

Delivery Costs

Depending on the delivery type, as a redeemer of a physical item, you may have to pay a delivery fee as stated above. If the item is being sent as Label Delivery, the redeemer has to pay the delivery fee.

If the item is being sent as Self-Shipment, as a redeemer you’re item will be delivered for free.

Please make sure to check the wording underneath the ‘Buy Now’ button before purchasing an NFT or check the physical delivery type on the NFT page to see if delivery fees apply before purchasing.

Below we have created a spreadsheet of average delivery costs for locations around the world.

PLEASE NOTE: These are only estimates and price of delivery may be more or less than stated below. if you would like more details of a specific country of delivery, please reach out to us at

What if Label Delivery can’t deliver to my Location?

When purchasing an NFT where a redeemable physical item comes with ‘label delivery’, there may be cases where delivery options won’t be available for your location. This is more likely to happen with locations outside of the US, UK, Europe, or Asia.

In this case, you will likely see the message below after inputting your delivery address:

If this is the case, the redeemer will have to contact the seller directly to have the physical element of the NFT delivered. You can do this through the RealNifty messaging service located in the menu bar when you’re logged in with your wallet, or via the email address provided by the seller.

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