How to Redeem a Physical Item
December 13th, 2022

Learn how to redeem any physical items attached to NFTs you own through the RealNifty marketplace.

The RealNifty marketplace is a landmark in physical/digital NFTs. This is why we find it so important to get the redemption features right when it comes to receiving your attached physical item in the real world.

It’s a very simple process to redeem physical items, but this guide will give you an overview of how it all works.

First of all, you can only redeem physical items on NFTs you own that have a physical item attached. Make sure to check on any NFT page before purchasing if there is a physical item attached.

You can confirm the NFT has a physical item by checking for the ‘open box’ symbol underneath the NFT image on the marketplace page or the specific NFT page.

Also, on the specific NFT page you own that has a physical item attached, you will be able to see the below redemption option:

You redeem a physical item attached to an NFT by clicking this ‘Redeem Now’ button.

You will then be taken to a popup menu asking you to input your address details. This is so your physical item can be delivered to you in the real world.

Once you’ve input your details, click proceed. You will now be taken to a page to choose your delivery options.

At RealNifty we want to give the users choice, so you will usually be able to choose from a range of delivery options depending on where you are based in the world and the origin of the physical item you are redeeming.

Choices of delivery (economy or standard for example) can cost different prices - there may even be options for white-gloved delivery service in some cases for those more expensive items.

The creator of the item also has the choice to offer self-service delivery where the creator can pack the physical piece themselves - this option can sometimes work out cheaper if available.

Once you have chosen your delivery option, click ‘book now’ on your chosen option.

You will then see a box telling you that your order has been placed and invited to click through to complete payment of delivery.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not complete payment within 7 days, your delivery will be canceled. You will have to contact RealNifty in order to rebook delivery - this might not always be possible so please make sure to make payment straight away where possible.

You are able to return to the payment screen at any time over the 7 days by going to the page of the NFT you are redeeming and accessing the below section.

To pay, you will be taken to our payment gateway. Here, you can check delivery details and click ‘pay’.

You will then be asked to input your email address and card details and submit.

Once submitted you will receive an email as confirmation and be able to track your delivery. Any other correspondence about delivery will be handled over email.

For further details about delivery, please check out the RealNifty Terms & Conditions.

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