How to Buy NFTs on the RealNifty Marketplace

Do you want to own some of the fantastic NFTs on RealNifty? Check out our guide on buying NFTs!

Buying NFTs on the RealNifty marketplace is a piece of cake.

All you need is the following:

  • A Crypto wallet (we recommend Metamask - check out this guide if you need to set one up)

  • ETH in your crypto wallet

Connect your crypto wallet to the RealNifty marketplace by clicking on the ‘Connect’ button in the menu bar. Confirm the connection on your crypto wallet and you should connect.

As soon as you are connected, you will be able to purchase any NFTs up for sale or auction as long as you have enough ETH to pay for them.

To buy an NFT, head over to the marketplace and click on an NFT you would like to buy. Within the NFTs specific page, as long as that NFT is up for sale, you will be able to see if the NFT is available to buy straight away or available as part of an auction.

If you see a Buy Now button, it means the NFT is up for sale at the price listed. Place Bid means the NFT is up for sale as an auction.

Purchasing an NFT that is ‘Buy Now’

Click on the ‘Buy Now’ button on the NFT page.

If you have enough ETH in your crypto wallet, a transaction will come up for you to confirm that will be the cost of the NFT and any gas fees. To purchase the NFT, click on confirm.

After a minute or so, the transaction will be confirmed. You now own the NFT! Head over to your profile and check under your ‘Owned’ section. You should see your NFT here, as well as options for any unlockable content or physical redeemable items that are part of your NFT.

Purchasing an NFT that is up for Auction

Click on the Place Bid button on the NFT Page

You will see the minimum bid displayed. This is the least amount you can offer for the NFT. The more you bid, the higher chance you will have of winning the auction and not being outbid.

Input your bid in the ‘offer amount’ box and click ‘Place Bid’.

If your bid is accepted, you will have to sign a transaction in your crypto wallet to confirm the bid. This will cost a gas fee.

Once confirmed, your bid is logged. Your ETH matching your bid will be held until the auction has ended.

If you win the auction, the NFT will be transferred into your crypto wallet once the auction ends. You will be able to view your NFT and any unlockable/physical content in your profile.

If you lose the auction, the ETH you used to bid will be returned to your crypto wallet.

Auctions last 24hrs from the first bid. Any bids that are received in the last 15 minutes of the auction will mean a further 15 minutes are added on to the auction until no further bids are received.

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