How to Use the Creator Dashboard

Learn how to use our powerful creator dashboard to make editing your collections nice and easy.

If you’ve been accepted as a creator on the RealNifty marketplace, you will have access to our Creator Dashboard. From here you are able to edit certain elements of your collections and NFTs.

Your creator dashboard can be accessed when you are connected to the RealNifty marketplace via the crypto wallet you submitted when applying to be a creator.

Once connected you can go to your dashboard by clicking on your profile icon in the menu bar and then selecting ‘My Dashboard’ from the dropdown.

You are also taken directly to your dashboard whenever you mint a new NFT. For more details on minting, check out our minting guide.

If you have already minted NFTs, you will see them in your dashboard with a variety of options.

You will see an image of your NFT, the NFT name (clickable to take you to your NFT page) and the address of the wallet that currently owns your NFT, the NFT status, and any actions you are able to perform.

There are up to four actions you can take from the creator dashboard for NFTs you own. There are as follows:

Transfer NFT

You are able to transfer your NFT to another wallet address. You may want your NFT to sit in another wallet address you own or you may want to transfer to somebody else’s wallet. Just click on ‘Transfer and input the wallet address you want to transfer the NFT to. Once you click ‘transfer’ you will have to pay a gas fee. Gas prices vary on how busy the network is.

Update Physical Item

From the creator dashboard, you are able to update certain elements of any physical item attached to your NFT. By clicking on this option you can:

  • Enable Self-shipment

  • Edit Address Details

  • Edit physical item details

  • Add/remove physical item images

Add Unlockable Content

If you created an NFT without unlockable content and have now decided to add something, this is where you can do it. Click on ‘Add Unlockable Content’ to reveal the options. You can:

  • Add new unlockable content

  • Edit existing unlockable content

  • Add links to where the unlockable content can be found

  • Name unlockable content can be found

Burn NFT

Finally, you can burn NFTs. Burning an NFT basically means making it so no one can own that NFT. Use this option with caution: once you burn an NFT it is unretrievable and will not show up in your RealNifty profile or anywhere on the marketplace. For all purposes, you’re NFT will not be available to anyone, including yourself.

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